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At Lark and Owl, we are deeply passionate about unveiling the hidden treasures of Ireland's landscapes, ensuring each traveler experiences the genuine charm of the Emerald Isle. Our bespoke tours don't just take you to scenic spots; they immerse you in the melodies of traditional Irish music and the rich tapestry of folklore that has been woven through centuries. From the ancient streets of Kilkenny to the mesmerizing sunsets at the Cliffs of Moher, we promise an adventure that resonates with Ireland's heart and soul. Join us for a journey where every step is a story waiting to be told.

People playing irish music in the pub

Irish Music Tour

From Fiddles to Turntables: Ireland's Musical Journey Awaits You! 

Step into a timeless voyage that spans from the harmonious ballads of traditional Irish folk to the pulse-pounding beats of modern day anthems. Our Irish Music Tour takes you on an unforgettable experience through the enchanting lands of Kerry, Clare, Donegal, Dublin, Belfast, and Louth.

Marvel at world-class performances that showcase the rich tapestry of Irish music, from its ancient roots to its contemporary evolution. Discover how melodies have been passed down through generations, yet are still being reinvented to capture hearts anew.

Don't miss this musical pilgrimage where history and innovation unite—Book your ticket to Ireland's sonic soul today!"

Brigids Shrine & Well Louth Gareth Wray

saints and scholars

Walk in the Footsteps of Legends: Discover Ireland's Saints and Scholars! 

Embark on an intellectual and spiritual pilgrimage through Ireland’s most hallowed grounds. Journey through the verdant landscapes of Kerry, Clare, Donegal, Dublin, Belfast, and Louth, where ancient wisdom and sacred traditions still resonate.

Uncover the enduring legacies of Ireland's Saints and Scholars—from St. Patrick to James Joyce. Visit monasteries that were once centers of learning and sanctuaries of peace, and explore libraries holding treasures of Celtic art and ancient manuscripts. 

Marvel at the seamless blend of faith and intellect that has influenced not just Ireland, but the world. With guided tours led by experts, you'll delve deep into a land rich in history, spirituality, and academic tradition.

Don't miss this enlightening expedition—book your journey through the heart of Irish wisdom today!"


folklore and storytelling tour

"Embark on a Folklore Odyssey with the legendary Irish storyteller, Eddie Lenihan!

Immerse yourself in Ireland's enchanting tales, brought to life by his captivating narratives. Step into a world where myths and legends come to life; where heroes, magic, and ancient tales are the heartbeat of the land. Our Folklore Tour, with Eddie Lenihan, takes you across the mystical landscapes of Ireland, captivating your imagination and enlightening your spirit. Book now for this one-of-a-kind journey into the stories that have shaped Ireland's soul. Discover the magic; discover the joy."

Gerry O'Connor Photo Playing

tour ireland with gerry o'connor

Strings & Stories: A Tour of Ireland with Fiddle Virtuoso Gerry O'Connor! 

Experience the soul of Ireland like never before with a tour led by fiddle legend Gerry O'Connor! Journey across the breathtaking landscapes of Kerry, Clare, Donegal, Dublin, Belfast, and Louth, while enjoying an intimate, live soundtrack to your adventure.

From the majestic Cliffs of Moher to the bustling streets of Dublin, every landmark takes on a new life when accented by Gerry’s spellbinding fiddle tunes. Gain unparalleled insights into the deep roots and modern interpretations of Irish music, all from a master who's lived and breathed this tradition for decades.

But this tour isn’t just for the ears; your eyes and heart will be equally captivated. Stand where saints and scholars have stood, walk through ancient ruins and modern cities, and let the stories of Ireland unfold, all while accompanied by its living, musical heritage.

A limited number of seats are available for this one-of-a-kind musical pilgrimage. Book now and elevate your journey through Ireland with the incomparable Gerry O'Connor!"

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